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what do i do if im not ready when the driver arrives?

No worries! We’re on your time. When the driver arrives they will send you a text message letting you know they are outside. The driver will patiently wait out front until you are ready.

How do i pay my balance?

Once you book online and make your deposit you will receive an invoice indicating the remaining balance due. You can pay your balance online at that time or you can pay your driver when they arrive via credit or debit card or with cash. A receipt will be emailed to you.

what do i do if the driver is rude or late?

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with excellent customer service. It’s really important to us! If you are unhappy with the service you receive from one of our drivers please give us a call and ask to speak with a manager. We will make it right!

Do I have to use your driver?

Yes. One of the ways we are able to keep our prices so low is because we only rent our vehicles with authorized drivers that work for our company. This helps to keep our insurance premiums down and that let’s us pass the savings on to our customers!

is mileage free?

Every rental includes free mileage. The amount of mileage included with your rental depends on the type and duration of the rental. Once the free mileage has been used each mile is .15. When you book with us your quote will include a charge for approximate mileage. Any unused mileage will be refunded to the credit card used during the booking. DUIS SUSCIPIT NEQUE QUIS RHONCUS INTERDUM.

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How much is the deposit?

When you book online the deposit amount is based on the number of hours you book us for. The deposit amount starts at $40 and will never exceed $100.

Can i cancel or reschedule?

Absolutely! We know things happen. You can cancel your booking with us and we will issue you a refund of your deposit as long as your cancellation is made 48 hours in advance. You can reschedule your move without losing your deposit as long as you give us a heads up at least 8 hours in advance.

*Please note bookings for long distance jobs must be canceled 72 hours in advance in order to receive a deposit refund.

What type of vehicles do you rent?

We have a fleet of Cargo Vans.

Do you offer multi-day rentals?

We sure do! And, if necessary we cover all hotel costs for our drivers.

Can i ride with the driver?

The more the merrier! Our drivers love when our customers ride with them. Give us a call to find out about the passenger transport fee.

How much stuff can fit in a cargo van?

It all depends on how you pack the vehicle. We’ve seen customers fit 1.5-2 full rooms into our cargo vans.